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"A News Site and Online Community for Discussing Rhetoric, Technology and Pedagogy."

A fairly new site, but they boast rapid growth. Has many of the core concepts in place to grow into a vibrant community.
Quote: "The eLearning GuildTM is a Community of Practice for designers, developers, and managers of e-Learning. Through this member driven community, we provide high-quality learning opportunities, networking services, resources, and publications."

eCLIPSE - Community
A password required "center" of the eCLIPSE site. In case you care...if you bookmark only one elearning site - it's a toss up between this one and Stephen's Web.

Excellent elearning resource community...featuring guest presenters, resources, articles, etc.

Elearning Leaders
Excellent discussion group hosted with Yahoo. Very informative, thought-provoking discussions. It is a closed community, however, so you'll have to wait a day or so to get access after you submit your information. The value of the discussion is well worth the wait!

Online Facilitation
"The onlinefacilitation listserv is for discussion about the skills, techniques and issues around online facilitation in a variety of Internet online environments and virtual communities." A Yahoo group.

Apple Learning Interchange
"Apple has developed an online educational environment to facilitate the interchange of ideas among teachers, education leaders, visionaries, and innovators."

AT&T Learning Network
Very resource rich. The Virtual Academy lists useful resources geared to the teachers/developers.

Yahoo Education
Not geared only to online learning, but still a useful site.

Good example of what a community of like-minded people looks like...

Concourse Project
"The goal of the Concourse Project is to provide a long-term dynamic environment wherein educators, researchers, administrators, technicians, engineers, authors, publishers, students and advocates can come together to exchange innovative dialogue and materials on topics related to the broadly defined Instructional Technology and Educational Technology field."

" It is devoted to the needs of Distance Educators using the World Wide Web to deliver post-secondary courses to their students."

The Well
Probably the best known web community. Worth a visit to see how effectively people can communicate using technology.

E-Learning India
E-Learning India
E-Learning India