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NetDimensions is a global provider of learning, knowledge and performance management systems. The company's Enterprise Knowledge Platform (EKP) delivers and manages corporate training, career development, assessment and certification programs, and helps clients around the world address growing regulatory compliance needs.


EKP' supports virtual-classroom technologies and courseware from all major suppliers. And because learners and managers access EKP through a standard Web browser, the system is easy to use and quick to implement. EKP is said to give managers and administrators unprecedented control over the learning process. It is easy to reconfigure EKP to accommodate anything from a minor corporate reorganization to a major acquisition. Global message broadcasting, course catalog management, cost accounting, as well as standard and custom reporting capabilities are also included.

EKP is AICC-compliant, SCORM certified and 100% Java, it runs on servers that use the Windows, Solaris, HP-Unix and Red Hat Linux operating systems and supports the Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise 12.x, Oracle 8i/9i and Microsoft SQL Server 2000 databases. EKP operates securely and reliably in any language or combination of languages that can be represented using the Unicode standard.

One of EKP's key features is the Knowledge Center, a dynamically generated area that puts everything a learner needs — including course-specific data, supporting information, and communications functions — in one convenient location on the desktop. EKP also includes a personal calendar, reminder notes and other tools that increase retention and make learning more efficient.

EKP comes in three grades Gold, Silver and Bronze

EKP Gold

EKP Gold is NetDimensions' enterprise solution. In addition to EKP Silver's functions, it includes live chat, skills assessment, and certification and, at an extra charge, the Customization Tool Kit, a feature that lets you adapt and extend EKP's functionality. EKP Gold can be integrated with ERP, HR, CRM and other enterprise systems and is available on a hosted or license basis.

EKP Silver

EKP Silver includes everything a small or medium-sized organization needs to deliver and manage live, online and blended learning. It includes the features found in EKP Bronze plus the Knowledge Center. EKP Silver comes with an Enrollment Policy Editor to set up and manage complex enrollment procedures. EKP Silver also offers an expanded range of configuration options, custom reports and a powerful test engine.

EKP Bronze

EKP Bronze is a cost-effective solution for clients who need a system that is quick to install and easy to use and administer. It loads, launches, tracks and manages AICC- and SCORM-compliant courses and supports bulk and individual user registration. EKP Bronze comes with English and your choice of one other language. EKP Bronze offers a range of standard reports and operates on Sybase, Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server databases, and is shipped with a MSDE-embedded database option.

EKP Features…

  1. Support for latest IMS Content Packaging standards and IEEE Learning Object Metadata allows an even greater range of courseware (and associated catalog info) to be imported
  2. SCORM/AICC "interactions" can be captured and reported on, allowing reports on individual question responses within a course
  3. SCORM 1.2 Certified and AICC compliant
  4. Bulk loader for AICC courseware
  5. All learning types supported online only
  6. Support for SkillSoft's Open Learning Services Architecture allows automatic synchronization with SkillSoft's online course catalogs
  7. Knowledge Centers
  8. Create SCORM courses from existing content (Courseware Manager)
  9. Curriculum path & learning program support
  10. Support for AICC PENS standard enables one-click publishing of courseware from compliant authoring tools and LCMSs
  11. New User Interface including tabbed browsing, improved search, sortable tables and simplified calendar.
  12. User can select the interface language & look-and-feel
  13. Catalog browsing & online enrollment
  14. Online transcript review
  15. Targeted news articles delivered to personal home pages
  16. Online personal training plan review
  17. User-defined time zones
  18. Integrated mailbox
  19. Upload, share & manage files
  20. iCalendar support allows session details to be added to calendar applications (e.g. Outlook) with one click
  21. End users can print certificates for certifications achieved
  22. Live chat & discussion forums
  23. Personal and Course Calendars
  24. Skills assessment & certification programs
  25. Tests and advanced test navigation options
  26. Features for Managers & Trainers
  27. Review & update learners transcripts & training plans online
  28. Compose bulletins & send them to individuals & groups via home page
  29. Run standard reports as well as custom reports (Report Wizard)
  30. Create tests, surveys & evaluations, print (PDF) exams
  31. Create skills assessment & certifications programs
  32. Schedule reports for future execution, possibly recurring and deliver reports automatically via email
  33. Record and view user performance appraisals
  34. CSV data loader for competencies means competency libraries can be easily imported
  35. Manage competencies & job profiles
  36. Create and define customized user roles
  37. Highly configurable (to suit each learning environment)
  38. Easily upload and auto-assign/automatic enrollment of courses to individuals/groups
  39. Cost accounting
  40. Automatic user-loading & self-registration options
  41. EKP e-Commerce license
  42. Any module can be automatically marked "completed" when an online assessment is passed--easing administration of classroom-based courses
  43. Enrollment Policy Editor to customize multi-step enrollment procedures
  44. Email Template Editor for creating & managing system generated messages
  45. Add an unlimited number of user attributes
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