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CADE Learning

The CADE Learning Management Web provides the ability to manage and track information on sites, students, instructors, courses, lessons, exams, questions, schedules, results, materials, and much more through a standard web browser. It provides a forum for both synchronous and asynchronous interactive learning and communication programs. The CADE Learning Management Web recognizes that different people have different needs so it customizes its displays based on the user’s role. 


The CADE Learning Management Web allows courses, lessons, and exams to be created by instructors or other interactive program developers over the web.  It also includes functions to identify and track a student's progress in courses taken at institutions outside the CADE system like those offered by colleges or universities.

CADE naturally tracks a learner's progress within company programs, but it is also capable of tracking their progress in training or education programs with outside institutions.

CADE has implemented the SCORM run-time environment directly into its operation.

  • Import SCORM compliant courses
  • Launch SCORM compliant courses
  • Store results in CADE database in a common format
  • Access all learner results (live/web) from a standard browser

The CADE Learning Management Web is hosted on a company's own servers.  However, the CADE applications may be hosted in whole or in part on an Application Service Provider's (ASP) system as well.

The CADE Learning Management Web features…

  • Display Course Schedules, Outlines, and Descriptions
  • Receive Recommended Course Sequences
  • Instructor Lists
  • Integrated Messages with E-mail
  • Participate in Discussion Groups
  • Take Part in Real-Time Chats
  • Listen to audio answers from Topic Experts
  • Register for, Participate in, or Drop Courses
  • View Real-Time or Archived Presentations
  • Take and Review Exams
  • Maintain Personal Information in Database
  • Change Passwords
  • Access Workbooks, Learning Guides, & Exams
  • Browse Course Material Directory
  • Maintain Student Information
  • Maintain Site Information
  • Display Student Results
  • Print Certificates of Achievement
  • Reset Exam Results
  • Order New CADE Equipment
  • Develop Courses, Lessons, and Exams
  • Create Recommended Course Paths
  • Schedule Courses and Lessons
  • Review Questions and Record Answers
  • Grade Essay Questions On-Line
  • Generate Attendance Lists
  • Display Student Results
  • Send Messages to Enrolled Students
  • Access Site/Student Participation Reports
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