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Brainvisa Learning Management System (BLMS) is an end-to-end learning management solution that manages enterprise-wide training initiatives in both online and offline modes. The BLMS solution enables and supports effective and timely access to elarning in an enterprise-wide scenario


BLMS seamlessly integrates with existing systems to assist in the formulation of skill development and training management strategies. The BLMS includes two distinct versions to match the scale and needs of an organization's learning initiative.

  • BLMS - Lite version.
  • BLMS - Enterprise version.

BLMS - Lite

is a simple, intuitive, yet feature-packed learning management solution that is ideal for organizations which are in the process of kick-starting their learning initiatives. BLMS - Lite is completely web-based and enables the creation and delivery of learning or training assets in an anytime-anywhere mode

BLMS - Lite also features an extremely flexible architecture and includes elaborate monitoring and tracking functions. In addition, BLMS - Lite also provides learners with tools that make eLearning more interesting and effective.

BLMS - Enterprise

is designed to act as the backbone of an enterprise-wide learning infrastructure. It manages both online as well as offline modes of learning delivery. It supports distributed server deployment and multiple languages-a necessity for a geographically dispersed learning audience elaborate and scalable, simple and specific.

BLMS Features…

  • Reach: BLMS is an entirely web-based system (internet/intranet enabled). The solution can manage learning assets, and track and monitor learning effectiveness consistently across corporate offices globally.
  • Comprehensive Learning Management: BLMS enables comprehensive and effective management of learning resources and learning delivery in an organization. The range of learning resources supported includes SCORM and AICC compliant courseware, Instructor led training (ILT) material, virtual Classroom sessions, assessments, and feedback. On the delivery front the BLMS supports competency-mapping matrices, adaptive and personalized learning, and online certifications.
  • Flexibility: BLMS has an open and modular architecture, which can be customized to suit specific corporate requirements quickly, easily, and effectively.
  • Extensibility: The XML based architecture of BLMS allows for easy integration with this enterprise wide solutions.
  • Reporting: The BLMS solution can measure effectiveness of the learninginitiative by tracking the five key indicators of effective learning.
  • Flexible Solutions Our hosted solutions offer a critical advantage in flexibility compared to packaged learning portals, where control is limited and what you see is essentially what you get.
  • Data Backup Hosted BLMS includes a daily backup of your critical LMS data with a four week retention period. An additional copy of your data is moved off-site daily for recovery in the event of disaster.
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