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Bodington is a free open source Virtual Learning Environment/Learning Management System in use at Universities and Colleges worldwide.


Bodington can be used to support teaching, researching and learning across a range of learning institutions. It is said to be particularly suitable for complex, multi-disciplinary and large organizations and for inter institutional collaboration. It delivers controlled access using open standards. It comes with the following applications. Bodington enables users to

  • Upload lecture notes
  • Host discussion forums
  • Publish and manage external links
  • Create interactive resources
  • Customized logbooks
  • Peer-reviewed reflective diaries/e-portfolios (for PDP)
  • Multiple choice tests (QTI)
  • Short-answer papers
  • Online surveys
  • Secure 'pigeon-holes' for marking
  • Brand and customize for local look and feel.
  •  Run servers on Microsoft, Linux, UNIX, or Mac OS X platforms
  • Run a reliable and scalable service for end users
  • Give access to users on any platform using standard browsers
  • Be part of a growing, thriving development community
  • Use software that is built specifically for Further and Higher Education
  • Integrate access with partner organizations using built-in Shibboleth functionality
  • Keep in line with the JISC e-learning framework
  • Customize the source code to meet local needs
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