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The Blackboard Academic Suite™is a software application company designed to enhance teaching and learning. It designs Training Management Software, Learning Management Software, Content Management Systems etc. Though Blackboard software is closed source, the company provides an open architecture, called Building Blocks, that can be used to extend the functionality of Blackboard products. The Blackboard products are extensible through a technology called PowerLinks.


The Blackboard Academic Suite™ is an industry-leading e-Learning platform optimized for educational institutions with multiple campuses or decentralized organizations. This system is designed to support mission-critical deployments across the extended academic enterprise. Institutions of all sizes can reliably scale their e-Learning programs, create powerful efficiencies system-wide, and support the growing demands of all academic constituents. It consists of
The Blackboard Learning System™ is a family of software applications designed to enhance teaching and learning. Intuitive and easy-to-use for instructors, the Blackboard Learning System is built on a scalable enterprise technology foundation that facilitates growth and performance. The Blackboard Learning System is now available in three distinct product variations, enabling customers to select the product that is best suited to meet their specific needs, Enterprise license, CE Enterprise License and Vista Enterprise License
The Blackboard Content System™ is a world-class software application that enables institutions to store and manage content more effectively while increasing collaboration. Developed in partnership with our clients, it was designed to meet the particular demands of academic organizations, and support the most innovative programs on today’s campuses.

The Blackboard Community System™ is a robust software application that enables educational institutions to build vibrant online communities and improve information flow. Institutions can use the Blackboard Community System as a central portal environment or use standards-based Web services to feed to multiple institutional portals, on-and off-campus.

The Blackboard Outcomes System™ helps learning organizations to guide continuous improvement in educational and institutional effectiveness while meeting the increasing demands for institutional accountability. With strategic and technical services, the Blackboard Outcomes System supports and connects the academic and administrative assessment processes across an institution’s many departments.

The Blackboard Portfolio for Vista and CE™ is a personal portfolio solution that fosters student engagement by putting learners - and learning - at the center of the portfolio process. The Portfolio ties seamlessly to the course environment, so it’s easy for students and faculty to master and for institutions to setup and maintain. More than just a set of tools, the Portfolio solution is a complete environment that allows students to collect, present, and reflect upon a broad set of skills and experiences over time.

Blackboard K-12 Starter Edition Blackboard considered the most pressing issues in K-12 today and built a solution which helps schools and districts improve their situation with sensible technology.

BLACKBOARD BACKPACK helps you download, organize & personalize you can access materials anytime, anywhere, take digital notes and never scramble for paper again and  easily find course materials or your notes.

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