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The ATrainES Learning Management System (LMS) is a completely web browser-based global enterprise software solution that enables organizations to manage all Training and Learning throughout the organization. It enables companies to create learning objectives that correspond directly with business objectives. ATrainES enhances productivity, performance, and ROI across the enterprise by deploying learning and training where it is needed, when it is needed, and how it is needed.


Designed for the growing organization, ATrainES has proven scalability, security and standards compliance. Its flexibility enables targeted knowledge delivery by any organization across the entire value chain. Employees, customers, vendors and other important stakeholders will benefit from ATrainES's easy access to the specific information they need.

ATrainES is typically deployed within an enterprise's current IT infrastructure on its own server. It can also be used in a hosted environment (provided by Attend Software Corporation. A rich interoperability layer allows bi-directional communication with other enterprise business applications.

With ATrainES, an enterprise can tie its learning management across cost centers and departments, create online training portals to provide customer access to training and class enrollment, and keep employees apprised of new initiatives with a training management system that streamlines the adoption of rapidly changing business objectives

ATrainES features…

  • Training history and requirements
  • Course management:
    1. Instructor lead courses (on-site and off-site)
    2. Tailgates (informal training)
    3. Certifications
    4. Skills and Competency
    5. On-line Courses (Legacy, AICC, SCORM)
    6. On-line Assessments (creatable from within ATrainES)
    7. Lending Library (books, videos, CD-ROMS)
    8. Written Exam Tracking
    9. Scheduling and Enrollment with learner, location and instructor conflict detection
  • On-line Content Management and Database Repository
  • e-Commerce and Financial Transaction Posting
  • Instructors, Locations, Equipment, Consumables and other Training Resources
  • Learner Training Needs Surveys
  • Multi-Rater Assessment (360° Feedback)
  • Rich GAP Analysis and Reporting
  • Management "Dashboard" Business Intelligence Layer with drill down to reports
  • Access Security for FDA, HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley (CFR Title 11 and CFR Title 45)
  • Integration with your existing HRM, F&A and CRM solutions
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