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Arel IDEAL™ Knowledge platform combines the aspects of verbal and visual communication - two-way video and audio synchronized with rich content, collaboration, discussion groups, application sharing and live interaction. The communications platform reaches large numbers of people in real-time through any combination of satellite, video conferencing and/or internet / intranet networks.


Arel's platform consists of several components which creates an integrated system to provide a full-featured solution covering all aspects of the organization's learning, knowledge exchange and communications needs.

Learning interactively at the desktop - Arel Spotlight TM

With the Arel Spotlight desktop solution, live sessions become highly intuitive and effective, as video and rich interactive content are delivered directly to the desktop, at the office, at home or on the road. Arel Spotlight is a scalable application that combines quality video with two-way audio and data transfer to enable live delivery at any desktop connected to the Internet or enterprise Intranet. Arel Spotlight offers live collaboration tools such as application sharing, whiteboard annotations, discussion groups, chat and guided browsing.

Learn at your own pace - Arel Spotlight On-Demand TM

Arel Spotlight On-Demand extends the benefits of live delivery, enabling asynchronous transmission of highly interactive self-paced sessions to increase the versatility and flexibility of the IDEAL solution. Advanced recording of live sessions ensure the delivery of synchronized high quality video and rich content, maintaining the indexing and interaction of content such as questions and tests. Interaction which occurred during the live session is recorded including chat sessions, keeping all the content and social parts of the session. Attendance, performance and grades are sent over the network during the participation in the recorded session for traceability and evaluation purposes. Full off-line and CD-ROM publishing of the sessions are available.

Highly distributed broadband or satellite training - Arel VirtualClassTM

Operating over any type of broadband network, VirtualClass brings the classroom to the participants, reducing training costs and enabling real-time interactivity and just-in-time distribution of mission-critical knowledge. While live video and media-rich content is displayed on a TV monitor, each remote VirtualClass site is equipped with a PC-based controller that manages audio and data interaction via Interactive Response Units (IRUs).

Learning and communications portal - Arel Campus TM

Arel Campus serves as the system's portal and provides users with vital access to both personal and administrative data. Using the Campus, participants can launch and attend live and recorded on-demand sessions, preview course content, take off-line on-demand quizzes, and communicate with presenters and expert assistants. Arel Campus provides data on course details and scheduling, registration, presenters, individual progress, grades and accreditation.

Advanced delivery suite for presenters - Arel Presenter TM

Arel Presenter enables the delivery of different types of rich interactive content to remote desktop participants, with full control over the video size, remote content navigation, and live interaction. The single user-friendly application screen is similar to the remote participants' desktop application. The entire session can also be recorded enabling participants to take the session on-demand.

Learning management and administration LMS - Arel Learning Manager TM

Arel IDEAL is equipped with a powerful built-in database and management server that handles the administration and control of vast amounts of curriculum content and large numbers of participants. The learning manager offers a full- featured user-friendly environment for registration and management of participants, presenters and sites, courses' scheduling and server configuration. Arel Learning Manager's built-in import/export mechanism allows for easy integration with external LMS and HR databases.

Create media-rich interactive delivery content - Arel Author TM

Arel's Author is a stand-alone authoring and content assembly application that enables the presenter or content developer to fully pre-plan the lesson's sequence of content and activities (agenda). This advanced user-friendly application supports various content item types like PowerPoint slides (including animation), web pages and graphics, video clips, customized question layouts and templates, tests, presenter notes and the full control over display and navigation parameters.

Edit and update recorded sessions for publishing - Arel Producer TM

Arel Producer enhances Arel's advanced on-demand capabilities by offering a post-production editing environment. Arel Producer enables the user to modify and edit recorded sessions by cutting out undesired items, changing the item's order, replacing outdated content and replacing old presentations with recently recorded segments.

Evaluate performance and attendance information - Arel Evaluator TM

Arel Evaluator is a powerful and comprehensive web based tool for real-time reviewing, comparing and analyzing of participant performance and attendance. The Evaluator provides the presenter or administrator with statistics and information about individuals, groups and site progress at the course level or at the level of any of its components (lessons, tests, surveys, and questions).

Generate multiple detailed statistical reports - Arel Reporter TM

Arel Reporter is designed for training administrators and presenters to automatically generate detailed standard and customized reports. The user may create customized administrative and performance reports, or choose from more than 40 standardized formats. It is possible to export Arel's reports to different popular formats such as Microsoft Excel.

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