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Apex Learning

Apex Learning is a group of educators and professionals passionate about helping students achieve their potential. They provide online learning solutions and opportunities for students.


The Apex Learning® Academic Curriculum provides standards-based courses in math, science, English, social studies, world languages, electives, and Advanced Placement* for grades 6 through 12. Designed to fully meet college preparatory requirements, Comprehensive Courses from Apex Learning deliver a broad curriculum to support teachers in creating rich, in-depth learning experiences for their students. Each course provides a complete scope and sequence with original instructional content that not only guides students in mastering critical skills and developing an understanding of key concepts but encourages them to go as far as they can with their learning.

There are five main methods involved in providing training

  • ClassTools: they provide comprehensive online instructional content and assessments that help classroom teachers individualize instruction, ensuring each student has the opportunity to achieve to his or her potential. Online diagnostic assessments pinpoint student strengths and weaknesses. Detailed reports provide teachers with performance information for an entire class and individual students. Study plans help teachers guide students to relevant instructional content that engages them in active learning experiences to master skills and develop conceptual understanding. ClassTools gives teachers the flexibility to determine how to most effectively use these online curriculum resources to enhance classroom instruction.
  • ClassTools Achieve: classTools Achieve integrates comprehensive online curriculum with powerful instructional management capabilities. Using ClassTools Achieve, teachers are able to monitor the progress of every student and customize instruction to meet individual needs. With ClassTools Achieve it is a simple matter to tailor a solution for a remediation, intervention, or credit recovery program.
  • Beyond Books: Beyond Books combines student aptitude for the Internet with the online curriculum resources teachers need to motivate and engage their students. With Beyond Books, teachers can enrich and update their existing curriculum easily, use engaging readings and exercises, and offer multiple explorations for each learning topic to meet individual student needs. Plus, Beyond Books is fully correlated to state and national standards, so teachers can feel confident they're using materials that will directly contribute to their students' success.
  • AP Exam Review: AP Exam Review is an online test preparation resource that prepares students for the Advanced Placement exams. AP Exam Review’s Diagnostic assessments provide a way for students to determine their own level of proficiency and identify areas that require more study. Going a step further, AP Exam Review includes the actual instructional material to assist a student in building skills and developing conceptual understanding. Personalized study plans that are generated based on performance on the diagnostic tests direct each student to the relevant material for further study to ensure that he or she is well-prepared for success on the AP exam.
  • Online Courses for Distance Learning: Apex Learning Online Course is developed by experienced instructional designers and subject matter experts to align to state and national standards. The comprehensive online content is rich with interactivity and actively engages students in learning as they read, listen, discuss, inquire, watch, explore, manipulate objects and data, and write. And to be certain students are achieving, each online course includes a comprehensive approach to assessment with formative assessments that provide feedback to students and teachers; summative assessments that include both open-ended (teacher-scored) and objective (computer-scored) instruments, and diagnostic assessments that create individualized learning paths for students.
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