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Angel Learning

The ANGEL suite of enterprise learning management tools is said to be an efficient and effective development, delivery and management of courses, course content and learning outcomes. Engaging communication and collaboration capabilities augment instruction to deliver leading edge teaching and learning.


ANGEL LMS is used to create virtual learning environments (VLEs) for online learning and hybrid and web-enhanced classes in K-12 schools and districts and higher education and for corporate training. It is compliant to all the standards.

ANGEL is said to offer instructors more tools and flexibility to personalize the learning environment to fit their preferences, teaching style and goals. Simple, efficient course management and automation options increase efficiencies and eliminate repetitive tasks. ANGEL’s user-friendly environment, innovative tools and intuitive workflows appeal to students. Flexible options for differentiated instruction, dynamic content release and rich communication and collaboration tools meet individual learning styles and needs.

Angel LMS features…

  • Organize Content
  • Control Content Access
  • User Preview Tool
  • Syllabus Creation
  • Unlimited, Easy-Access Drop Boxes
  • Gradebook Efficiency
  • Flexible Enrollment Management
  • Effective, Efficient Course Management
  • Lesson Content Development
  • Interactive, Collaborative Learning Environments
  • Assessment and Learning
  • Personalizes Communication
  • Podcasting
  • Wikis
  • Blogs
  • Email
  • Online Journal
  • Virtual Office Hours
  • Desktop Sharing
  • Chat and Instant Messaging.
  • Whiteboard

 ANGEL LMS has grown from a campus-based organization of university researchers and instructors to a software provider with ties to the academic community which is its real USP.

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