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Akuter Enterprise

Akuter Enterprise (AE) is server-driven enterprise software which simplifies the production, management and distribution of certification and training programs. AE creates a network of knowledge at the corporate level which connects employees, customers, suppliers and partners in a controlled and safe environment.

AE is both a system of development and administration at the same time being very powerful and easy to use. It is made up of a content development system (Akuter Author) and of a system to distribute, manage and follow up on both content and users (Akuter Management System).

It is designed to provide solutions for various resources within a corporation or government agency. Akuter Enterprise end-to-end solution includes systems to produce, manage and deliver knowledge information to the extended enterprise (employees, customers, suppliers and partners). Akuter tracks all activities and builds a knowledge database for extensive reporting and analysis to improve performance through better-informed decision-making.

Akuter Management System centralizes distribution, tracking and reporting as well as the remote management of usage and licenses. The training modules can be developed in-house or bought from catalogs to be then included in the certification and training programs by an administrator. The report services provide a very detailed reporting of the users' activities to document the proof of compliance as well as generate management information.

Akuter Management System features…

  • Course management
  • Curriculum management
  • User management
  • Group management
  • Pre-assignments
  • Alerts, messaging and collaboration
  • Intelligent Adaptive Interface
  • Real time tracking
  • Scoring
  • Audit and Management Reports
  • Multi-language
  • Quick Helps
  • Learner's portal

Akuter Author is a MS Windows application allowing the design and the customization of interactive and multi-media on-line courses by employing the familiar MS Word environment as user interface. Pre-configured storyboard templates are provided to easily and visually insert contents and media. After uploading onto the Akuter Management System platform, learners' activity is recorded and examinations are scored, updating in real time the progression of the users in their compliance, certification and training programs until completion.

Akuter Author system is rich in easy to use features that are familiar to content experts. It uses an innovative approach to simplify the process or authoring by exploiting familiar tools like Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. The features below are designed to accelerate the productivity of the content author by reducing the need for learning new tools.

Akuter Author system features…

  • Storyboard
  • Chapter & Exam
  • Smart pages
  • Quiz pages
  • Multiple choice assessment pages
  • Essay assessment pages
  • Automatic page advance & timeout
  • Auto-media play
  • Display of media option
  • Background Sound
  • Style gallery author
  • Glossary author
  • Packaging and distribution wizard
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