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Adventus Learning Management System is an e-learning platform with the objective of assisting Corporations and Institutions to incorporate elearning system in their training and education programs. It has been designed to perform on the Web and on all bandwidths.


The product is built on three-tier architecture the database layer, the business layer and the presentation layer - that is highly scalable and flexible with an accelerated learning environment.

Adventus LMS 2.0 is implemented on Windows Platform. Having a layered architecture consisting of the Database layer, COM layer implemented in Visual Basic and the presentation layer implemented using Active Server Pages (ASP).

Adventus is developed on the latest functional specifications platform on a global scale, takes established features and functions as standard and provides features and flexibility in addition to the ones globally accepted as norms.

Adventus LMS offers user-friendly Course Creation module which allows users to create courses from simple to complex hierarchical course structures. The features enable users to rapidly create courses and re-use content from other courses. It allows users to break down their course into modular structures giving great flexibility to the user while creating a course or while making rapid changes to the course.

Adventus LMS does not bind the user with any proprietary Authoring tool environment has been kept independent of this system.

Adventus Features…

  • Pre-Course Management
  • Course Creation
  •  Course catalog
  • Course properties
  • Enrollment and Registration
  • Assessments
  • Assessments at any level of the course
  • Interactive tests
  • Control User Progress
  • Range of Display options
  • Evaluation
  • Questions and Answer (Q & A) Bank and Test Paper Bank
  • Grade book
  • Query Management
  • Library
  • Community tools
  • Student tools
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E-Learning India
E-Learning India
E-Learning India