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Blatant Media's ABSORB Learning Management System was created from the ground up to support SCORM 1.2 compliant multimedia based training. The user interface is entirely programmed in Flash with an ASP/SQL backend which allows for seamless integration of Flash or Breeze authored courses. Courses may also be created with HTML files, PDFs or authored course files such as Toolbook, Captivate, Articulate and Learn.com courses. Integrated exam authoring tools are included and feature test pools, difficulty ratings, open book exams and multiple randomization options.


Absorb Learning Management System is a Flash LMS as the user interface is entirely programmed in Flash yet capable of displaying HTML based SCORM compliant courses.

The platform is available as an installed behind-the-firewall solution or can be offered as a scalable hosted/managed solution. Absorb allows for the creation of sub-portals and can be skinned to reflect your corporate branding as well as that of your clients. Absorb Learning Management System is e-commerce enabled and contains integrated solutions for the enrollment of large groups of new users.

Learner Features

  • Clean easy to use learner interface
  • Remember username
  • Password and username reminder
  • In-line help
  • Course sensitive help
  • Built in course sensitive glossary
  • Background pre-loader eliminates next lesson load time
  • Easy course addition through enrollment keys
  • Full printable transcripts with credits earned
  • Print certificates
  • Access and print course resources
  • Monitor personal success plan for career advancement opportunities and succession planning
  • Access to personal qualifications records
  • Resume partially completed courses with 1 click.
  • Open book exams options to review lesson materials without leaving quiz
  • Provide feedback through course evaluation
  • Full screen available for courses

Reporting Features:

  • Course organization report
  • Course summary report
  • Course activity report
  • Department or group report
  • Department or group admin report
  • Employee report
  • Employee detail
  • Enrollment report
  • Employee course access and performance report
  • Employee certificate report
  • Task activity report
  • Exam performance detail report
  • All reports contain extensive filtering and sorting options
  • Print reports
  • Export reports to .csv
  • System snapshot with recent activity, system status, course activity, group or department sizes, weekly activity

Exam Features and Options:

  • Proctored exams
  • Minimum score to pass
  • Test pools
  • Drag and drop, matching and short answer questions using Articulate and other 3rd party authoring systems
  • Multiple choice with automated scoring
  • Up to 5 answers
  • Supports multiple correct
  • Custom feedback
  • Multimedia attachments for questions
  • Linked lesson content for open book exam
  • Difficulty ratings
  • Mandatory questions
  • Time limit
  • Attempt limit
  • Access limit after passing grade
  • Random questions
  • Random answers
  • Multiple exam templates
  • e-commerce purchase of additional exam attempts

Communication Features and Options:

  • Simple course forums with multiple threads
  • Email notifications can be copied to system administrator, course administrator and department or group administrator
  • Email notification of course expiry
  • Email notification of enrollment
  • Email notification of course completion / certification
  • Email with enrollment key instructions for group administrator
  • Email forgotten username and password
  • Custom email enrollment key based enrollments
  • Custom email enrollment key based completions
  • Custom email individual course instructions
  • Custom email individual course completion instructions
  • Resend user login information

Course Management:

  • Course certificate expiry (years)
  • Course activation date
  • Course expiry in number of days from enrollment
  • Course expiry in absolute date
  • Course deactivation
  • Course authoring - Learning Objects, Quizzes, Exams, Tasks
  • Offline course tracking (classroom, 3rd party)
  • Track courses with multiple real-life events
  • Course categories
  • Course description
  • Course cost for e-commerce
  • Course cost for cost tracking
  • Required grade
  • Course educational units or professional development credits
  • Course forum
  • Course help
  • Course Glossary
  • Course resources and links
  • Course administrator (teacher)
  • Course qualifications
  • Course prerequisites
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