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Why E Learning effective for corporate and individuals?

There is always a question when something new appears in front of our eyes or someone tells us to try this, it is new. Hence, it is always require to provide answer to such a question to convince a person about why this?

E Learning, the new way of learning which offers limitless opportunities to the people who wants to learn new things beyond age and place. Place plays a vital role in our learning process, most of us in our mid-age would not like to go into a classroom to study, to train and to learn something. E learning is a substitution to the usual learning classes.

A computer, personal computer with an internet connection is what is required in an E learning process. Learning through the electronic device like computer which is playing a huge role in our daily layer of information, gathering on in our brain is called E Learning.


Today, there of numerous institutes who are providing their students education through E learning. They simply pass on the content, study materials and information, using internet or intranet to their student who get an easy access to the material of study through their desktops.

It is a continuous thing; it stays there unlike one classroom session which ends with the wind up of the session. More profoundly, the networked communities which revolve around E learning helps the individual know more through conversation with different people, anytime.

For corporates, E Learning is cost effective if it is done right. It helps the organizations to achieve their goals.

·         Decreases Training Cost: The most vital thing in training is the content. For every training organizations prepare the contents which is time consuming. E Learning provides the organizations a onetime preparation of the content which gets the organization their return on the investment every time someone accesses it which definitely keeps the fixed cost but increases the usage. It also reduces the traveling expenses and materials.


·         Reduction of Material Cost: For any training, if you use physical place you will be required to arrange for equipments and other expenses related to it. Once the training is over, the whole environment will be ceased or brought down. Even for a fake environment one requires labor and material. However, creating the same environment and place online for the learners would cost a lot less as well as it can be saved for future use too.


·         Enhances Productivity: One time training is not always sufficient for the learner, at times they want to rerun the show to understand it better and clean. In an online training they can go back and access the content and visual to make themselves more formal with the training. Use tools and skills in the practical process to enhance the performance and productivity.


·         Standard All the way: A training facilitator cannot be the same all across the courses. However, E learning allows you to create a consistency in the content. Timely delivery is also an aspect in the E learning process.


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