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Tips for a Successful Elearning Student

Follow these simple steps to become a successful online learner

1 - Familiarize yourself with the computer and software’s

  • Be Comfortable with, with the computer based software and web based software.
  • Use the tutorial on the software used by the learning management system (LMS), read it, learn it

2 - Familiarize yourself with the course curriculum

  •  Familiarize yourself with the course curriculum guidelines.
  • It has all of the information you need for your online course.
  • Familiarize yourself with the Information about the course description, objectives, and requirements, course meetings, assignments and testing.

3 - Take advantage of technology

  • You don’t have to be a tech wiz to use the available technology, basic computer and web knowledge is enough.
  • Learn a range of ways for communicating on the web like chatting, e-mail etc.
  • Blogging, Podcasting, video conferencing and wikis are all tools to help you with online studying

4 - Be organized and self-motivate yourself

  • It is very easy to become careless and distracted during online studying course. Being organized will help you in keeping focus.
  • Organize your study time, work hours and free time.
  • Make a schedule and stick to it.
  • Don’t let minor set backs derail you.
  • Log on to your computer LMS daily

5 - Create and publicize a study schedule

  • This will help you focus on your studies without distractions
  • This will also create and indicate a schedule to others, so they will not to disturb you while studying
  • Try and maintain your study schedule at all costs.

6 - Interact with your peers

  • Contribute and exchange your ideas, perspective and comments with your virtual classmates.
  • Join online student communities and blogs
  • Start a blog of your own and invite students studying the same subjects
  • Encourage your colleagues to join your blog to solve problems together.

7 - Interact with your Faculty

  • Continuously stay in touch with your trainer
  • Ask them If you are having technical difficulties, or problems understanding something about the course
  • Since your trainer cannot see you, you must be absolutely clear about your comments and requirements.

8 - Evaluate and test yourself

  • Evaluate yourself constantly for progress
  • Take tests after through preparations
  • Don’t hurry to take the tests, time them carefully
  • Have your work evaluated by fellow classmates, colleagues and teachers

9 - Create a support system

  • Before starting your online course create a support group.
  • Notify your family, employer and friends tell them what would be involved and needed from them.
  •  Allot some of your work don’t try to do everything.
  • Decide how responsibilities will be reallocated while you are participating in online learning.

10 - Netiquettee-remember the do’s and don’ts

  • When you are online be alert for netiquettes
  • Both the real world and the virtual world are inhabited by people so same rules apply.
  • Be careful of what you say on the net never be rude.
  • The web does not give you license to practice racism or air your prejudices
  • Share your knowledge freely
  • Respect privacy of other people
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