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E learning India – The future

The concept of e learning is as old as a decade or two but its penetration has grown in the last few years. The advancement in technology and easy accessibility of internet has opened a brighter side of e learning in India. Once the technical glitches are sorted out, the future of e learning seems invariably strong for it is one of the easiest source and medium of learning.

The era of ‘Rishi-Munis’ (Priests and saints) gone ages back when learning was regarded as a place away from the crowd of the towns and cities. Time has changed and the modern time invested itself to classrooms for studies and education which is still the most prominent way of learning today.


However, with the introduction of internet, learning has developed itself. It has advanced from human teaching to electronic mediums – sharing of content online, which is called E learning. Computers and Laptops are now become a source of transferring educational content to far distant places with the help of World Wide Web.

Now the question is what is E learning? In the easiest language and defined by the Wikipedia, E learning is that form of learning which includes electronically supported medium for learning and teaching. Hence, e learning constitutes of electronic devices to disseminate the content from a teacher to a student or to the learner from other electronic sources like internet.

The concept of e learning has surely enhanced the educational distribution in India. The web-based learning, virtual education opportunity with digital collaboration is delivered via internet, intranet, audio, video tapes. The media in e learning includes text, images, animation, live streaming of videos and audios which are made for an easy understanding.

Many corporates, companies and businesses are now using E learning to teach their employees about rules, regulation and ethics of the company. Anything new introduced in a company is equally conveyed through internet, intranet and other e learning mediums to the employees of the company.


Companies with distribution chain uses e learning to educate their staff – sales, with the latest developments in the product which was earlier required physical course. More or less e learning provides an assistant in the physical education and also lessens the burden of the physical classes. In India there are many Universities, colleges which are offering online education.

The future of e learning seems brighter with the concept of blended learning where e learning will be mixed with the practical or classroom based education.

At E learning India, we provide you with the latest development happening around e learning as well as you can also manage to find articles, news and expert advises on the e learning. Our aim is to provide the assistant to those who’re keen on learning through web, internet and electronic sources.


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