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Game based learning making learning musically beautiful

Posted by Akanksha Garg
Akanksha Garg
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Never bore your employees in the name of training.

Organizations today need concrete training methods to help employees learn the work culture better. Training is important for keeping the workers informed about the ongoing drifts in the corporate market. The erudition process goes on in a firm till it survives. Employees learn things at every foot step of organizational work. Therefore it is necessary for firms to make the process a fun element in the workplace. This is because boring learning techniques never bring a healthy outcome to workers.

And that's the way it is.

Ever heard of the above phrase? May be. But anyways it's not a phrase. It's the title line of a song by a popular artist – Dion. The idea here is to kill the monotony in a learning process. How does a learning process become insipid and dull? It's simple. Hanging on to the conventions does it pretty furtively. The workers do not even realize, when the training session becomes uninteresting for them. Learning is serious, learning is heavy, learning is all the devilishly important elements.But that's precisely what gets inculcated into everyone's mind in institutions like schools and colleges. A common myth about learning is that it is something very tough and demands a lot of serious focus. This makes the learner to build an inhibited and closed perception about the knowledge he is gaining. A closed mind is unable to enjoy the stimuli that it confronts. It even fosters metal blockages that restrain the cognitive skills and thinking powers. The result is a poor learning outcome. No, that's not the way it is (the title deserves a justification).

Game based learning techniques endorse the fact that learning is actually fun. Remember the previous mention of the artist Dion? Game based learning service providers tend to incline their training techniques to that artistic philosophy. According to them organizations can impart learning through musical content. For instance there are training modules that pose huge challenges on human memory. It is a Herculean task to memorize technical and profound study materials. However, things are easy if the same content has a musical vibe. The management can adopt many creative methods to present the training content. A boss can ask a trainee to take a random word from the module and try compose a song out of it. For example, the word Report gives tremendous scope for a magical music composing session. The boss needs a report, so I will deport, I want to break free from this monotonic forecourt. Such will be the rhyming potential if a worker gets a musical instigation in a serious training session (Oops, ah... that's not serious anymore).

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