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Learning Management Solutions Killing the Halo

Posted by Akanksha Garg
Akanksha Garg
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Yes, who is this?

Didn't you recognize me?


I am the lethal halo.

Several myopic perceptions affect human judgment. Such effects are so intense that they foster biased perceptions in people. One such defect that affects human rationality is the halo error. It is an instinct in humans that makes them create faulty perceptions. Owing to halo effect, one's opinion about something gets affected by the already existing image of it in his mind. Suppose a jury has to rate a film actor on some personality traits. Now such rating is usually partial. For instance if the jury thinks that the actor is an amicable person, he may draw a perception that he or she is a skilled actor too. It is a common instinct in humans to draw a portrait of someone based on his one single characteristic. This error is common in an organizational culture too. Let's say there is an interview going on in a firm. The interviewer starts throwing questions on the candidate (literally bombarding them on him). The respondent due to low self-esteem (at that moment only) fails to tackle the frequency of questions. Probably it may seem to him that it is an interrogation going on. Now the perception that the interviewer draws from this is that the candidate has poor intellect. Ah ... is it really so? After rejecting the candidate, the organization came to know from some source that the candidate writes thought-provoking articles and blogs that focus on healthy organizational culture. Also, he got many handsome rewards for the same. It was just that he could not handle the speed of questions coming to him. Alas! The company lost a potential candidate.

Organizational leaders wish to quickly arrive at conclusions about a candidate during interviews. They want to speed-up their judgment process. Actually the underlying faulty philosophy is that the faster the analysis the better is the outcome. Where does this come from? It is simple. The drive to gain profits quickly. The popular organizational philosophy - time is money. The drive to walk with the trend (at times even going ahead of it). The apprehensions of losing control over things (market share, collaborations, assets, customer-base and most importantly employees). They say too much apprehension restrains one's discreet thought process. The result of this is poor analytical abilities. This adversely affects an organization's monetary outcome.

Owing to these inhibitions, many industries have lost lucrative business contracts, potential employees and proficient job aspirants. However, with the coming of Learning management solutions companies organizational failures have moderated to a large extent. These Learning management solutions companies have stretched their expert hands to do the needful. They sent many surveyors to firms to comprehend the psyche of organizational leaders. They conducted one-to-one sessions with high rank officials in firms. After-all the leaders are the roots. Everything is coming from them. Rest all are derivatives. By virtue of their efforts they were able to unveil many mental blocks that existed in the leaders' minds. The surveyors then generated a profile. The idea was to pen down a model that would define the characteristics of a contemporary organizational official. They rated every trait on criteria of sapience. The actuaries then added those rates to generate the total score for every leader. The guy who topped the test scored 55 out of 100.

Learning management software companies came to know that leaders need major help. For helping firms they came up with enlightening courses that talk on some better philosophies and ideologies. Time is money. Yes, it is true. However, correct timing of actions is smart money these days. If the interviewer had given the candidate a little time to settle down, he could have elicited better responses from him. The real intellect takes a little time to ripen and come out. The designed course modules talk a lot on these rarely followed principles. Walking with trend helps. A trend is a path that makes people walk on it. However, such a path absorbs a lot of potential that one has (at times wisdom also). It is important to scan trends well so that firms can absorb selectively from it. Fast trends also have flaws. So one should filter them and take the rest of the fruits. The course modules endorse the new ideal - walk smart with trends. The HR training modules say that it is important to control things. However, they also say that it is important to know about the uncontrollable aspects faced by an organization. Organizations should control, but they should also find out when to let go for a better control.

Oops! It's the halo online. Let them come. We have our weapons.

Learning management software companies are trying earnestly through their courses to clear horrendous perception errors that may prove fatal for the industry. The training content of these firms discusses common flaws that exist in human perceptions. Also, it has detailed ways to check those imperfections. The course outline speaks on effective techniques for organizational leaders to interview a job aspirant. It says that an interviewer should foster a stress-free environment for the candidate. The more the comfort the wiser are the responses. If the idea is to test him, then let him gear-up. Is it cool to test someone when he is not ready? There is a difference between testing and trapping. Easy questions at the initial-stage will help a candidate ease out well. A relaxed candidate will handle tough questions better than an intimidated one. The designed study materials have such insightful solutions for organizations that help them stay on the safe side while interviewing candidates for recruitment.

That guy is handsome. He is smart too (ah ... hold on, not sure).

Beauty worshipers suffer from lack of subjectivity in their judgment. Human's unconsciously rate physically attractive individuals high on other parameters. For instance if a person has a charismatic appearance, he or she may get special preference in many fields. Mind states that the one who is beautiful and charming has a charming intellect too (he is no doubt very intelligent). Such notions are prevalent in a work-culture as well. Interviewers tend to judge a candidate's mentality through his appearance. Learning management system software companies frame course materials that focus on the use of subjective viewpoint while interviewing job aspirants. They are helping organizational leaders to evolve as good thinkers through their effective courses. One of the thought-provoking points highlighted by the study material is that beauty has to have brains to become complete. After studying these materials, many firms have started judging job aspirants impartially. Now they don't relate intellect with aesthetics.

The comprehensive organizational training modules are breaking the common myths that affect performance and judgment adversely. The modules have highlighted effective ways to break superficial perceptions that govern human senses. These courses focus on ways to cultivate perspicacity. They help one overcome the effect of shallow impersonal thought process.

Owing to these Learning management system software companies, industries are now able to think beyond superficiality.

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Gireesh Sharma is an author writing on Human Resource Management. His expertise includes Learning management system software, Learning management solutions and Learning management software .

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