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The Importance of Conclusion in a Thesis Paper

Posted by Katherine Morgan
Katherine Morgan
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The conclusion is the last part of your dissertation or research paper but it also means that it is one of the most important one. According to professional college paper writers at SolidEssay.com, conclusive paragraph is the place where the writer gives the gist of the main purpose of the entire thesis writing, the methods applied to get the findings and what are the impacts of the college dissertation as regards to the group for whom the research paper is written.


Many students believe that writing a conclusion should be easy as all the hard work consisting of research, statistical analysis and findings have been done; however giving the essence of the entirety of the dissertation, one which might exceed over a hundred pages is no mean feat. At this stage a lot of students require dissertation help. A few tips are given below to help students write dissertation the easy way.


Short: The most difficult portion is condensing the entire college dissertation writing into a single page. This can easily be done by paying attention and not repeating every single point in the dissertation. As the conclusion gives a single picture of your entire thesis, making it too lengthy can make the reader bored. The best way to make sure that your conclusion doesn’t exceed the required limit, just note down the main features of your dissertation and rewrite them as one-liners in the conclusion. Then elaborate only the ones which provide further explanation.


Break into Paragraphs: The conclusion should not be in a single big block but should be broken down into four or five passages. Each passage should contain the explanation of only a single idea. This makes the reader quickly review the main points of the dissertation, plus also works as a separator for different ideas. Only the most important content should be written in these paragraphs and should not consist of any repetitions or fluff.


Organized Structure: Like all the different chapters of the thesis paper, the conclusion should also have an organized structure; hence it should not be written in a haphazard way. A conclusion should have a solid beginning and that can be achieved by giving the research paper proposal and the goal of the research. The body of the conclusion should contain the relevant points from the methodology review and the research tools that you used to generate the findings. Finally at the end of the conclusion the writer must discuss the findings of the research and the repercussion of it on society.


Add New Concept: Although a conclusion can be ended after it, adding a small paragraph at the end can help score a student a few more points. A good dissertation is one which provides relevant impacts to the society. A student should end his research by giving the reader something new to think about and leaves an encouraging note to encourage the reader to further research on the topic.


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