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Why Studying In The UK Opens Up Much Opportunity

Posted by Abi Rule
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Why Studying In The UK Opens Up Much Opportunity


Studying abroad can be a fruitful endeavor for many students. The opportunity to study abroad is available for many college students at universities across the world. While enrolled at their university or college, the student can take a semester or two at another university located in another location. One of the most popular countries in the world that students study abroad to is the United Kingdom. There are a number of reasons why studying in the United Kingdom is a unique opportunity that opens up new channels to learn, interact, and grow for students. 

United Kingdom's Global Reach

In a globalized world, many nations are more connected than others. However, the United Kingdom's unique history has meant that English customs, history, politics, literature, and economics have stretched across the world for centuries. As a result, students from any part of the world can experience the United Kingdom without many cultural differences. For example, English is the third most spoken language in the world next to Spanish and Mandarin Chinese. In addition, the United Kingdom is one of the leading economic powers in the world. This has meant most of the world's markets and businesses have interacted within the United Kingdom market. All of this is an opportunity for students anywhere in the world to experience the importance and influence the United Kingdom has had on global culture. 


Standard Bearer of Higher Education

The historically important classes at legendary universities like Oxford or Cambridge can be seen as the highest quality education any student can access. Besides these universities, other public and private universities exist across the United Kingdom that excel in the liberal arts and research. For many students in different parts of the world, a curriculum that is rich in the liberal arts may be different from what a college student in another region might be accustomed to. The chance to debate, interact, be challenged, critically think, and engage with peers as well as the professor, may be different from the top-down model of education seen at many universities in the world. Having a chance to experience that kind of liberal arts education can be life-changing. 


Educational Independence and Variety

Besides the typical liberal arts curriculum at UK universities, United Kingdom schools offer unique chances to learn what a student wants when they want to. United Kingdom schools instill an independent spirit where a student can focus on how they develop what they are learning. This is aided by the fact many universities allow for multiple study groups and tutorials where students can feed off each other and brainstorm ideas in a free environment. At the same time, schools in the United Kingdom come in all types. Many schools may be more vocational focused or purely liberal arts. A student who wants to learn about engineering can attend some of the top engineering schools in the world. If a student wants to learn about economics, the United Kingdom has some of the top schools in economics. 



The rich academic history and the economic and cultural connections across the world make a United Kingdom education the envy of many. If students at colleges or universities across the world have the chance to study abroad at the United Kingdom, they should capitalize at the opportunity. Being able to engage a world-class curriculum and enriches a person's mind and spirit should not be missed out.
Sally is an educational professional interested in teaching styles and continuous learning. Sally writes for Richmond University, the American University in London, learn more about Richmond and their UCAS clearing programmes by visiting Richmond.ac.uk.
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