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Interactive learning making workers versatile

Posted by Akanksha Garg
Akanksha Garg
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                Interactive learning

Try to Figure out the character in the story.


They fail to optimize their potential. They fail to create synergistic effect in processes. They stick to only one character.


Couldn't get it?


They are the workers of an organization. Why do they fail to make progress in their work? It's just the inhibitions that stop them from being versatile in their workplace. A worker should not restrain himself to just one role. He is not just an employee. He is a role-model, a guide, a representative, a helper and much more (the list of roles does not end). However, he is not always able to bring in instincts of these roles in work culture. Workers need a catalyst that instigates one to combine synergistic effect of multiple roles to maximize potential. Each instinct of humans seeks an environment that is compatible to it. If the atmosphere supports an instinct it will come out voluntarily. It is just about creating a simulation to help arouse different characters in workers. Interactive learning is a powerful training technique that helps a worker cultivate more shades of him on the job. The training helps employees to become versatile in an organizational culture. The more the versatility the higher is the potential of a worker.


Let's simulate things.


For understanding the fruits of Interactive learning let's take an example from real-life. A woman for instance plays different roles in different spheres of her life. Being at home she plays the role of a mother, a wife, a daughter-in-law and many more. While she is in an office she is a boss of someone, a peer to her colleagues and a junior employee to her bosses. The same woman is a friend to someone she meets in a party or a club of which she is a member. So every role she plays makes her adopt new ways of seeing life, new rules, new beliefs. However, all beliefs end when she is undergoes work-pressure. Cumbersome tasks in organizations inhibit one's cognitive powers. The roles are many, but they come out only when the ambiance supports them. So the woman in office strictly restrains her role to one character - worker achieving targets (boring and insipid). How about creating a simulation to bring out all the fascinating elements inside her? If she is a mother, then create a virtual home in office recreation facility. In this imaginary homely environment two or three members of the office may play the role of her son.


It is basically about setting an act where the woman's peers act like her sons demanding care. Probably a virtual situation where she has to cheer up demoralized sons will help bringing out her motherly affection in a firm's culture. The more the time of this act the more affectionate she becomes towards her work and peers. She may even start fostering extra-harmony with her boss. So, collaborative learning will probably bags her a promotion.


She is a friend of someone in a club. Collaborative learning will help her bring out her warm and cordial nature in a workplace. The key to this is another simulation technique. In this method the workers have a piece of paper and a pen. Each one has to figure out a metaphor that fits the woman's persona. If one is getting metaphoric, picking up things from nature is a good idea. Suppose the woman's sound of laughing is melodious. Now a melodious laugh may bring in mind the euphoria of rhythmic water waves in sea (ah ... it is pleasant). Let's say she is adaptive and can blend herself into any community. So a perfect metaphor for her is weather. Weather is never constant. It has many shades. Such a marvelous metaphorical comparison exercise will foster in her compassion towards her peers. This exercise will make her potent enough to remove her social fears. So she can mix-up well with her colleagues and give better output.


Now if the woman in question leverages all her roles into her corporate life, she will become a versatile performer in her workplace. For instance her maternal instinct is useful when a trainee needs guidance from her. It is useful when workers need a motivating force and emotional support. If she is a loving and caring daughter-in-law, then she may become her boss's beloved.

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