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Essential Features of a School that are Satisfactory for Parents & Students

Posted by Katherine Morgan
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For any parent it is important to get his/ her child enrolled in a school with a sound education system as well as a great infrastructure. However, it is a little difficult to find the perfect school, especially when you have just shifted to a new area or city and need to enroll your child to the next educational level (like primary to middle or to secondary). If the situation mentioned applies to you, then there are certain factors that you need to consider. Some of these are really important.


Major factors to consider:


Student-teacher relationship: In any educational level (especially in the primary classes) the connection between teachers and students is of great importance. Children are accustomed to an environment at home where they are well received, loved and cared for. For the younger children, spending time in school outside their homes will require encouragement from the teacher. You need to check if the teachers are patient and engaging. For that you need to converse with the teachers. Teachers should take care and pride in the progress of students and work consistently for their improvement.


School infrastructure: A school should be situated in a place with good transportation and suitable atmosphere. Location is of utmost importance and you should never overlook this. There should be a lot of space with trees surrounding the school and the place should be away from pollution. The overall ambience should be calm in order to help students focus on their studies. For an international school set up in a metropolitan city it is important to have an attractive appearance, comfortable seats, proper lighting and other facilities like multipurpose rooms, sinks, clean bathrooms, library, storage space, etc.


Know about the overall education system and how involved teachers are:Try to know about the way classroom lessons are given. A good international school should have mentors helping teachers with proper instructions and here should be frequent discussions regarding their practices. A good teacher should be able to improve students; and assist their learning. It is also not wrong to ask teachers about their educational background since that helps you to understand better about their ability to get the best result out of your child.



GAIS is the ideal school that offers you the above facilities and a lot more


GEMS Akademia International School or GAIS is located a little away from the city of Kolkata and offers the perfect setting for encouraging students to pursue formal education as well as to learn their potentials. The school is situated on a 20-acre site and is inclusive of facilities of international standards. Students are offered a choice between day scholastic, weekly and residential boarding. The programmes at the school offer continuous and comprehensive learning for its students.


One of the striking features of the school is its campus that is anideal combination of beautiful green areas and modern facilities. This is instrumental in encouraging students to explore, learn and also grow in a sheltered environment. The school campus has four zones – Academic, Athletic, Activity and Ancillary. These are well-planned and offer a number of facilities. The buildings have elevators, air conditioners and a number of user-friendly features.


It is important to be well-informed about the school


For parents, it is important to do the research properly and know a lot about the school where they will enrol their child. Try to know what will be suitable for your child and base your decision on that.

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