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E learning course says that workers are artists

Posted by Akanksha Garg
Akanksha Garg
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 Fostering a buzz about an idealistic model of human behavior, does not really help anyone to adopt or live with that kind of behavior. One of the most popular of these idealistic concepts that finds a place in newspaper articles, is the discussion about authenticity of human behavior. Writers treat it as an avenue to curse the commonly practiced habits of workers. These days workers never find a scope in any phase of their business life to become real or authentic. Rather, they go for appropriateness, and try to discover peace and progress in it. They are a genre of being from inside and have certain basic instincts, but revealing them to everyone they face, may not prove conducive in a corporate culture.

Workers find it suitable to hold back their real gestures or emotions while talking to their bosses. They have to smile even when they do not want to. One has to say kind words even if his heart does not allow it since it is befitting to cover the real self a bit at times. Workers in their corporate life attempt to conform to a particular environment. They try to acquaint or enrich themselves with style or behavioral elements that make them fit for that environment. They strive to reach the best behavior for that atmosphere, as they have the fear of losing the environment. So the workers never dare to appear through their real nature. Although they fit themselves into corporate life, but somewhere down the line they feel that they are sticking in a shell. They feel that they are suppressing the real instincts. They think that they are on stage acting out different characters for a corporate audience. So they fail to create the theatrical vibe. The painful part of the story is that there is always a trade-off going on in their mind between their real nature and theatrical instincts. This affects their work-life adversely. A workplace that puts its workers in dilemma would not yield healthy profits. E learning management system companies have expressed concern for these workers by designing training modules that will help them change their perception towards change. Employees think that they compromise with authenticity often.

However, the E learning management system training modules chase away these superficial viewpoints of workers. The course materials have effective logical explanations that prove wearing a smile or behaving aptly is not a crafty attitude. The study materials further explain that the act of camouflaging is not unethical. Human mind walks on a path of created connotations. Whenever one comes across words like camouflage or disguise, the very first thing that occurs in his mind is chameleon or a lizard. Further the faculties state that mind is an artist that knows the art of association. That is why it associates behaving aptly with chameleon's behavior.

E learning course materials have explained that masking is an art. Even the weather endorses the act of disguising. Some days are sunny, some are cold, and some are cloudy. It is just that it is customizing itself according to the needs of the crowd under it. So in a way E learning course materials are directing organizational culture to get inspired by natural beauty to learn the art of customization. This training material is definitely beneficial for sales professionals, who have to put on a happy-go-lucky cloak when they face customers. Also, marketers re-fashion products by putting in new styles and shapes. So why shouldn't workers do it? After-all they also need to enhance their sale value.

E learning training development firms frame study materials that help organizational workers to twist their perceptions. This course helps them move towards an optimistic thought-process. It states that a human being has inherent thirst in him since birth, to learn or acquaint himself with his surroundings. Whatever emotions, thoughts, gestures or feelings one has in his pool of psychology, are actually a gift to him from his surroundings. Workers meet situations and people in their daily business life. These very situations and people around them shape their attitude and lifestyle. The discipline further states that if one attempts to become apt for his environment he is in, then that is a labor towards learning a new culture, a new perception, a new philosophy. When one tries to become something that he is not, it does not mean he is hiding his true self. Instead, it means that he is trying to enrich himself with new feelings or new ways of presenting himself. Thus, E learning training development course will make workers realize that they are nothing less than highly skilled artists.

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