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Benefits of Using Microsoft Dynamics Solutions

Posted by Katherine Morgan
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Microsoft Dynamics solutions can be beneficial for businesses in more ways than one. Besides being one of the most cost-effective CRM solutions, MS Dynamics offers MS Office and Outlook integration, dashboard customization, cloud storage, easy customer servicing, and even social integration. The following article takes a closer look at benefits that the MS Dynamics CRM solution has to offer for businesses. Read on.

Microsoft Dynamics is one of the most reliable, flexible and fast CRM solutions available in the market. It helps manage customer information effectively across multiple organizational functions, including Sales, Marketing, Human Resources, and other services. If you’ve been considering MS Dynamics for your business lately, you should know about how it can be beneficial. 

Here are a top, most significant benefits that MS Dynamics solutions have to offer.

Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics Solution

l  Dashboard Adaptability - Possibly one of the best advantages that Microsoft Dynamics offers is the ability of it’s dashboard to adapt to user job roles and preferences. This provides users with access to information accordingly, and fields and features that they are more likely to use. The Microsoft Dynamics dashboards also offer customization, using which users can keep the features that they need and remove those that they don't.

l  Integrates with Microsoft Outlook and Office - The MS Dynamics CRM can be easily integrated with the most fundamental and extensively used Microsoft products such as the Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Office. Moreover, the user-friendly and familiar interface, makes it easy for user to pull out and gain access to the information they need.

l  Facilitates Efficient Customer Service - The key to running a business successfully is the ability to offer prompt and timely customer service. And, the MS Dynamics CRM helps you do just that, easily. By allowing users to assign, create and manage customer supports services through the web, email, phone or in person, organizations using the Microsoft Dynamics CRM can offer personalized customer support.

l  Data Hosting and Storage Facilities - Since MS Dynamics CRM uses cloud to store all data, accessing information from any location, and using any device, including laptops, desktops, mobiles, etc. becomes easy. This can be particularly beneficial for off-site employers, who need access to data on the go, whenever and wherever the need arises.

l  Social Tools can also be Integrated - Having said that social media platforms have become a significant tool to get more eyeballs for your business, social integration option is the need of the hour. Acknowledging this fact, MS Dynamics now offers social integration features in its CRM suite. Using this businesses can now connect with more partners, prospects, and customers in a more personalized way.

 Therefore, considering MS Dynamics solutions can be of immense advantage for a business to flourish.

 What benefits has your business reaped using Microsoft Dynamics Solutions? Share your thoughts and opinions with us in the comments below. Are you looking for MS Dynamics AX 2012 Retail Trainingor CRM 2013 Customization Training or NAV 2013 Manufacturing Training? Visit Koenig Solutions online to get trained with the best.

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