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Benefits of LMS elearning in today's corporate world

Posted by Akanksha Garg
Akanksha Garg
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As they say innovation can lead to improvement only when it’s being measured. Without metrics, one cannot assess if the changes are being made in the right direction or not. A Learning Management System (LMS) is an application that is being used for administration, documentation, reporting, tracking, and delivery of e-learning courses or training programs. Many business enterprises use LMS elearning, a training management system to deliver online training, to automate record-keeping and employee registration. There are basically three main parameters to measure the progress, which are the 'what', 'how' and 'why” of the applied technique.


It is impossible to lead in the absence of an assessing system. Primarily, there are two specific problems in absence of measurement. The first is the direction and second is the magnitude. Without metrics it is not possible to decipher if one is moving in the right direction or not. Initially when people use to rely on traditional methods then things moved slowly enough so that one could wait for the gradual result. But today we are in the world of hyper change and great uncertainty, hence an organised metrics system allows the management to decide whether to keep a change in place or to replace it with other innovation ideas. In this competitive scenario time is the scarce resource and an efficient training management system or metrics helps in managing it efficiently.


Now lets consider the second dimension, which is the magnitude that involves cash and investment. Let’s assume the innovation leads to improvement but it is very important to realise if it is worth the cost. The LMS e-learning systems include a range of systems to manage training and educational courses for distributing high end solutions online. Also, people are now tending towards collaborative learning. It is one of the popular forms of e-learning, wherein learning is being done online via social platform like forums, social networking, blogs etc.


The success of any training module would depend on the understanding of the session's participants. Without a clear idea or metrics to guide the changes, one cannot view the path to progress. Hence one needs to address the what, how and most importantly the why of measurement, which can be done with the help of an efficient LMS e-learning system.

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