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5 Great Volunteering Projects You Can Attend During Your College Summer Break

Posted by Abi Rule
Abi Rule
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While the college semester may be over and you may not be sitting in the classroom taking notes anymore, the learning experience is never over and when summer comes around, the opportunities to learn new things and discover new possibilities are limitless. If you aren’t taking summer classes or enrolled in any internships, there are five volunteer projects that you may want to consider doing this summer.

The American Hiking Society – Volunteer Vacations

If you’re a student who specializes in biological or zoological sciences, or forestry, or who has a vested interest in preserving America’s wildlife and natural gardens, then the American Hiking Society’s volunteer vacations should be high on your list. This organization is dedicated to the upkeep and overseeing of hiking trails in the wilderness areas of America. You’ll get an opportunity to help give back to the national parks and wildlife refuges by volunteering your time and abilities to keeping the wildlife areas alive for future generations to visit.

Global Volunteer Network – Childcare Placements In Peru

If you’re someone who is dedicated to the humanitarian effort of providing love and care to young children in foreign countries who are struggling, then this program will probably spark your interest. In Peru many children are not as fortunate as the children in America and there are many centers there that need volunteers who can give of themselves to help provide care and attention to these children. Whether you’re someone who is going to be working with young children as a career or just want to spend time having fun with kids who might not otherwise have that privilege, the Global Volunteer Network gives you the opportunity to spend your summer doing just that.

I-to-I Volunteering – Building Abroad

You may be the type that likes building projects or construction activity, and if that is the case, I-to-I has building projects that you can participate in to help struggling towns and communities across the world recover and find stability. Throughout the world there are many people who live in homes that are old and run down, or where natural disasters may have struck and now you can take part in helping to rebuild and revitalize these communities. I-to-I takes you all across the globe from South America to Africa and Europe and Asia and if you have construction skills or can assist in building projects, then consider joining I-to-I’s building abroad project.

Idealist – Volunteer In Cambridge, MA

This volunteer opportunity gives you the chance to connect with other college students from foreign countries who arrive in Boston and who are unfamiliar with American life and culture there. The setting will be laid back and relaxed with some festivities going on so that you can converse with these students and make them feel at home and welcome in America.

Corporation For National and Community Service

If you’re interested in staying close to home over the summer, the Corporation for National and Community Service lets you do just that. This organization has projects that give you the opportunity to give back to your own community by assisting the elderly, or working with troubled youth, or teaching English to non-native speakers in your town or area. Also if you have ideas that you would like to implement into volunteer action, the Corporation For National and Community Service gives you the opportunity to do just that.

So if you would like a change from just the normal routines of summer vacation or would like to spend it in a way that you feel is profitable and beneficial to others, these volunteer opportunities are among the many that are just right for you. So while you have time to give, give it to those who need it by volunteering to help make the world a better place.

Abi is an educational professional interested in teaching styles and continuous learning. Abi writes for Richmond University the American University in London; learn more about Richmond and their University clearing programmes by visiting Richmond.ac.uk.



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