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5 Career Options to Choose with a Hotel Management Degree

Posted by Katherine Morgan
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Are you too much in love with the suave and chivalrous food and beverage managers of posh five star resorts and hotels? Or swoon over the elegance and charm that the gorgeous women add while treating you after stepping into the luxury hotels? Do you secretly wish to have this sort of a jaw dropping influence on people as well? Then a degree in hotel management is your go to option to gather the drools from people as you ooze with charm. Guess what? A degree in hotel management does not restrict you only to hotels. This course gives you the wings to fly and explore your own career opportunities. Trying hard to figure out the career options you have, well then you have come to the right place. Check out the promising opportunities that await you.

·         Hotels – Hotels are the go to options for most students because of the glamour involved in it. Think glamour and the names that come across your mind is, Oberoi, Taj and Welcome group to name a few. Then there is the international chain including Sheraton, Hyatt, Marriott and a lot more. The salary is extremely promising and quick promotions through hard work are extremely motivating.

·         Airline Industry – A degree in hotel management can also fetch you a job in the airline industry. The career options most suited in the airline industry are air hostess or flight stewards. Students can also join this industry as Ground Staff or even as Public Relationship officers. The salary in case of both the domestic flights and the international flights are 25k and 50k respectively. So even the salary is extremely promising, along with that you get the perk of travelling around, the extra brownie – at too-hard-to-believe discounts.

·         Professor or the Teaching Industry – Being a professor in an institute of hotel management is one of the most productive and noble ways of spreading the knowledge that you have gained. Imparting the hotel management knowledge that you have gathered during your degree course, giving that to students is a matter of great pride. It is also your social responsibility to give back whatever you have gained. As a student the problems that you faced in the course, you have the authority to change or modify those. It gives a pleasant experience to students who are now planning to undertake the hotel management course.

·         Entrepreneur – Nothing gives you a more fulfilling experience than running your own business your way. An entrepreneur has the liberty to make their own rules and play the game their way. You can open your own chain of restaurants and set the revenue bells ringing. Since you have gained both knowledge and training by doing a hotel management course, you can execute those in your own restaurant.

·         Retail Sector – The retail sector is one of the most promising areas that assure large volume of job opportunities for fresh graduates out with a degree in hotel management course. So be it the super stylish malls or heading the reception desk in a plush corporate house, you get them all through your hotel management course.

There is no dearth of career opportunities post a degree from a well reputed institute of hotel management. So go out, explore and craft your professional 

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